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Safety in Navigation

Possible Accidents

a) When capsizing
Don’t ever leave the boat; hang on to it even if the coast seems near. Wait for help. If you are cold, club onto the hull, sit astride and wait patiently. If a trained crew is involved and water conditions permit, (few waves) you may try to right the boat and bail out. In order to do this, you must:

  • Swim to the mast head and support the mast to prevent it from sinking;
  • Haul down the sails remembering to fasten the halliards around the cleats (in order to be able to get at them again);
  • Get one member of the crew to hold the boat with its bow into the wind, while the other uses the centre board as a lever to right the boat. The boat must be prevented from capsizing over to the other side by having one crew member stabilize the boat.
  • Bail. Send the lightest member on board to bail the boat as soon as this is
  • possible.

b) Drifting onto the shore
This may happen as a result of a poor manoeuvre or rigging failure. If the water is shallow, raise the centre board and rudder at the last moment and spring out so as to beach the boat without damage. If beaching appears dangerous or risky, don’t hesitate to throw out the anchor with ail its line. Check that the line is fastened to the boat. Wait for rescue.

c) Breakage of the rigging
Try to do a running repair or paddle back to port without sails.

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