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The Manoeuvres

Casting off from a buoy

  • The boat is moored forward and will swing, face to windward, of its own
  • Choose starting tack (star-board tack, wind on the right hand side of the boat or port tack [as the figure] with the wind on the left hand side).
  • The forward mooring line should be cast off at the moment when the bow is swinging in the desired direction. The jib may be temporarily aback to assist in bearing away. Both sheets are then hauled in and the boat gets underway on the foreseen course.
  • Casting off from a buoy is easier than launching from a beach, and we advise beginners to practise it in Versoix. Prepare the sails on the beach or on the quay, but don’t hoist them. Paddle to a mooring buoy that is unoccupied, hoist sail, and cast off as described.

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