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Trim Techniques and Effects

Trimming sail

  • Freeing mainsheet: reduces heel, and reduces tendency to luff to windward.
  • Freeing jib sheets: increases speed, can reduce lee helm.
  • Spinnaker hauled in close: spi will swing less, but pulls less also.
  • Jib halliard tightened: with medium to strong winds boat points closer to wind.
  • Mainsail ‘cunningham’ hauled in: flattens mainsail and reduces heel. Can sail closer to wind in strong winds.
  • Main halliard and outhaul tightened: mainsail flatter; can sail closer in moderate winds but with less speed.
  • Top batten under tension: gives more belly to mainsail for light winds.
  • Centreboard way up: when running before wind, less friction and more speed, but less stability.

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