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Basic Knots


The bowline, sometimes called the "king of knots", is one of the most useful knots to a sailor. It is multi-purpose, and can be used to secure a line to a bollard, or to a ring, or to make a loop at the end of a line. It can be made quickly and easily and will never jam, even after under strain.

To tie a bowline, put the line around the object to which it is to be tied and make a simple overhand loop, by crossing the running end over the standing part. Then put the running end through the loop, from underneath. Then wrap the running end around the back of the standing part. To finish, put the running end back down through the loop in the same way it came out.

Many children are taught to do the bowline by following these simple instructions: "The rabbit comes out of the hole, runs around the tree, and goes back down the hole."

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