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Flag Letters

A part of the International Code of Signals (ICS) flags represent single letters. These flags can be used to spell out words (letter by letter) or can be used individually – each flag has a specific general meaning.

  • A(Alpha)

    A(Alpha)Diver down; keep clear

  • B(Bravo)

    B(Bravo)Dangerous cargo

  • C(Charlie)

    C(Charlie)Yes; affirmative

  • D(Delta)

    D(Delta)Keep clear

  • E(Echo)

    E(Echo)Altering course to starboard

  • F(Foxtrot)


  • G(Golf)

    G(Golf)Want a pilot

  • H(Hotel)

    H(Hotel)Pilot on board

  • I(India)

    I(India)Altering course to port

  • J(Juliet)

    J(Juliet)On fire and have dangerous cargo

  • K(Kilo)

    K(Kilo)Want to communicate with you

  • L(Lima)

    L(Lima)Stop immediately

  • M(Mike)

    M(Mike)I am stopped

  • N(November)

    N(November)No; negative

  • O(Oscar)

    O(Oscar)Man overboard

  • P(Papa)

    P(Papa)About to sail

  • Q(Quebec)

    Q(Quebec)Request pratique

  • R(Romeo)

    R(Romeo)No current meaning available

  • S(Sierra)

    S(Sierra)Engines going astern

  • T(Tango)

    T(Tango)Engaged in trawling; keep clear

  • U(Uniform

    U(Uniform)Standing into danger

  • V(Victor)

    V(Victor)Require assisstance

  • W(Whiskey)

    W(Whiskey)Require medical assisstance

  • X(Xray)

    X(Xray)Stop your intention; wait for my signals

  • Y(Yankee)

    Y(Yankee)Dragging my anchor

  • Z(Zulu)

    Z(Zulu)Require a tug