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Marine Glossary Terms

Learn marine and sailing terms quickly by searching through the information available below.

Aid of navigation : (ATON) Any marker in water or ashore that helps determine current location and/or identify unsafe waters

Allision : The act of striking a fixed object (e.g. reef, dock)

Aloft : Above the deck; in the rigging

Alongside : By the side of a ship or pier

Amidships : In the central portion (between the bow and the stern) of the vessel

Anchor : A metal object used to attach a ship to the bottom of a body of water at a specific point

Anchor ball : A black ball suited in the forward part of a vessel to indicate that the vessel is anchored

Anchorage : A location suitable for anchoring

Anemometer : An instrument for recording the speed and direction of wind

Aport : On or toward the port side of a ship

Apparent wind : The combination of the true wind and the wind caused by the boat's movement through the water

Ashore : On the shore, on the land

Astern : Towards the stern; behind a vessel

Avast : Stop!

Awash : Filled with water; flooded

Aweigh : Position of the anchor when it is raised clear of the bottom

Awning : A sail or canvas set like a canopy to give shade from the sun

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