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Marine Glossary Terms

Learn marine and sailing terms quickly by searching through the information available below.

Halyard : A line used to raise a sail. (Main sail halyard, jib halyard, spinnaker halyard)

Hauling wind : Pointing the ship towards the direction of the wind

Hawse : Short for hawsehole

Hawsehole : A hole in the upper part of the bows of a vessel through which the anchor ropes pass

Hawser : A large heavy rope used to secure, tow or moor a ship

Head : Top of the Sail

Head Down : Change the boat's course away from the wind

Head Up : Change the boat's course toward the wind

Headsail : Any sail located in front of the main mast

Heavy seas : When the water has large or breaking waves in stormy conditions

Heeling : To lean to one side as a result of the wind pressure

Helm : 1.A mechanical device by which a vessel is steered 2.To steer

Helmsman : The person at the helm who steers the ship

High seas : The area of the sea beyond the national jurisdiction of any state

Hull : The watertight body of a ship or boat

Hull speed : An approximation for the maximum speed for a hull