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Marine Glossary Terms

Learn marine and sailing terms quickly by searching through the information available below.

Sheet : Line used to adjust a sail against the force of the wind. The mainsail has 1 sheet. The jib has a working (windward) sheet and a lazy (leeward) sheet. (Main sail sheets, jib sheets, spinnaker sheets)

Shoal : A shallow area, often an underwater sandbar visible at low tide

Shrouds : Cables which give lateral stability to the mast

Spinnaker : A large balloon sail attached to the mast at the front of the boat. Used when sailing downwind.

Spinnaker control lines : Pole Lift, Down Haul, Spinnaker Guy, Twing

Spinnaker Guy : The spinnaker sheet on the pole or windward side of the boat

Spreaders : Horizontal spars which spread the shrouds from the mast

Standing Rigging : Supports the mast and includes the Backstay, Forestay, Shrouds

Starboard : The right side of the boat (when facing forward)

Starboard Tack : Wind is coming from the starboard (right) side of the boat

Stern : The rear of the boat