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Marine Glossary Terms

Learn marine and sailing terms quickly by searching through the information available below.

Aback : Condition in which the sail is on the windward side. Such setup reduces the speed of the vessel

Abaft : Towards the stern

Abaft the beam : Further behind than the beam. A bearing between the beam and the stern

Abeam : On the beam; at right angles to the ship's keel

Aboard : On or in a vessel; alongside or near another vessel

About : Across the wind; changing direction across the wind

Above board : Above the deck, visible, open and in plain view

Above deck : On the deck

Abreast : Alongside of the vessel

Abyss : The deepest parts of the ocean

Admeasurement : The official measurements of a vessel recorded in its documentation

Admiral : One of the highest naval ranks

Admiralty Law : Also known as maritime law and "the law of the sea". The law that governs the way ships operate and do commerce .

Admiralty mile : Nautical mile

Adrift : Floating freely without a direction and any means of control (sail, oars, engine, etc.)

Afloat : Floating freely (moving, not stuck)

Aft : Near or toward the stern

Aground : A condition when the hull is touching the bottom and the vessel maneuverability is very limited

Ahoy : A call to draw attention

Ahull : Lying adrift when strong winds are present (with sails down)

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