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Sailboat Specifications

View detailed technical specifications, design, bulder and engine data for over 5000 production sailboats.

PHRF Ratings

Performance Handicap Racing Fleet (PHRF) is a handicapping system used in yacht racing. It allows dissimilar classes of sailboats to be raced against each other. The aim is to cancel out the inherent advantages and disadvantages of each class of boats, so that results reflect crew skill rather than equipment superiority.

Morse Code Translator

The morse code translator will convert any text input to morse code. Just type in the text you want translated and it will covert in both sounds and symbols.

Marine Articles

Get entertained with our growing collection of boating and sailing related articles.

Marine FlagsMarine Flags and Signals

Marine flags, color, meaning and signals you can send with them.
Find all of that at the Marine Flags section. Play a round of Identify the Flag to test your knowledge. Use the Flag Translator to find out how you can express words and sentenses with flags.

Marine Directory

Find all the services you need from purchasing your boat through registration, maintenance and beyond at the Marine Directory.

Marine Glossary

Find definitions of marine and sailing terms for everything boating and sailing related in the Marine Glossary section.

Boating Education

Boating courses, safety education and online quizes.


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