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Name Rig Type LOA(ft) LOA(m) Year
Zzap Fractional Sloop 11.81ft. 3.6m. 2007
Zuma Cat 12.75ft. 3.89m. 1984
Zuanelli 40 Masthead Sloop 40.35ft. 12.3m. 1990
Zuanelli 34 Masthead Sloop 34.45ft. 10.5m. 1984
Zoom 8 Cat 8.69ft. 2.65m. 1999
Zephyr Dinghy Cat 12.8ft. 3.9m. 1956
Zephyr 36 (Alden) Masthead Sloop 36ft. 10.97m. 1960
Zenith Dinghy Fractional Sloop 14.5ft. 4.42m. 1959
Zef Junior Fractional Sloop 10.5ft. 3.2m. 1963
Zef Fractional Sloop 12ft. 3.66m. 1960
Zap 29 Fractional Sloop 29ft. 8.84m. 1974
Zap 26 Fractional Sloop 26ft. 7.92m. 1978
Young Sun 43 Masthead Ketch 42.67ft. 13.01m. 1978
Young Sun 35 Cutter 35ft. 10.67m. 1980
Young 88 Fractional Sloop 29.33ft. 8.94m. 1981
Young 6M Fractional Sloop 19.68ft. 6m. 1972
Young 5.2 Fractional Sloop 17.08ft. 5.21m. 1975
Yorktown 39 Masthead Sloop 39ft. 11.89m. 1974
Yorktown 35 Masthead Sloop 35ft. 10.67m. 1974
Yngling Fractional Sloop 20.83ft. 6.35m. 1967
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