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Sailboat Specifications

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Name Rig Type LOA(ft) LOA(m) Year
Robin (Rhodes) Fractional Sloop 10.83ft. 3.3m. 1960
Mirror Dinghy (Int) Gunter 10.83ft. 3.3m. 1965
Od 11 Cat (unstayed) 11ft. 3.35m. 1972
Gull Dinghy Gunter 11ft. 3.35m. 1956
Sea Snark Lateen 11ft. 3.35m. 1966
Sunflower Lateen 11ft. 3.35m. 1973
Whistler 11 Fractional Sloop 11ft. 3.35m. 1966
Europe (International) Cat 11ft. 3.35m. 1963
Sea Snark (Super Snark) Lateen 11ft. 3.35m. 1958
Whirlwind 11 Lateen 11ft. 3.35m. 1973
Skunk 11 Gunter 11.08ft. 3.38m. 1969
Blue Crab 11 Fractional Sloop 11.08ft. 3.38m. 1972
Topper Cat 11.17ft. 3.4m. 1965
Flying Eleven Fractional Sloop 11.25ft. 3.43m.
Heron Fractional Sloop 11.25ft. 3.43m. 1950
Firebird (Proctor) Fractional Sloop 11.32ft. 3.45m. 1963
Comet Od (Uk) Cat 11.33ft. 3.45m. 1980
Wildflower Fractional Sloop 11.5ft. 3.51m. 1972
Little Bear (Sailstar) Fractional Sloop 11.5ft. 3.51m. 1960
Beverly Dinghy 11.5ft. 3.51m. 1953
First Page of 300 Last Show per page, 5,986 total